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The Autobiography of No One (Download)

by Alfred Howard


Greetings, Alfred Howard here. I work at a record store, I write lyrics for 7 bands in San Diego, I build and break my own percussion instruments and I have an abundance of stories. I'm from New Jersey whether I want to be or not and it shaped me into what you have here today. I've been working on this book very gradually since 2006, it holds tales from the road of triumph and woe (mostly the latter), stories of the quirky to full blown crazy people who shop at a record store in the bohemian recesses of ocean beach and song lyrics. I've always struggled with the dualism of my writing, every song I've ever written (aside from a rap song titled "I'm Walking Dogs Mother Fucker") has been dead serious, and all my prose is an amalgamation of dick jokes and incoherent ramblings shouted at the sky. I think this book is the meeting ground between the two. Well, I hope it is, you'll have to read it and tell me, I'm actually nervous as all shit.

PS. this is a downloadable book, it comes straight to your email, there are 19 tracks of music and 210 pages of text.